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Mostaganem Algeria

Richard Knight

Richard Knight

Central Queensland University, Australia

Taghreed Alsufyani

Taghreed Alsufyani

Taif University Saudi Arabia

Pertti Arvonen

Pertti Arvonen

UWIS Oy Finland

Julia A. Alvarez-Barco

Julia A. Alvarez-Barco

Fundación para la Protección de la Naturaleza (CIAC-FUDENA) Venezuela



University Putra Malaysia

Amina Boutaleb

Amina Boutaleb

Abdelhamid Ibn Badis University –Mostaganem Algeria

Pooja Harshan

Pooja Harshan

Cochin University of Science and Technology(CUSAT) India

Aquaculture 2022

About Conference

The 16th International Conference on Aquaculture and Marine Biology is enchanted to welcome individuals to GLOBAL gathering coordinated during October 14-15, 2022 in Paris, France. This conference mainly focuses on “Aquaculture & marine biology for sustainable growth”.

AQUACULTURE 2022 is a gathering giving an opportunity to the hydroponics and sea life science industry to discover in regards to momentum and impending issues, investigate new advancements in culture innovation, and communicate with others with comparable interests. Its aim to bring novel and International combination of advisors like academicians, researchers, and business experts, overall population, flow and planned fish ranchers to share information and thoughts in regards to the improvement of hydroponics and sea life science. 

Oral and poster abstracts are now invited and should be submitted using the online abstract submission system. All submitted abstracts will be published in the special issue section as conference proceedings in the Aquaculture and Marine Biology Journals.

Table of Content

  • Who should attend?
  • Why attend this AQUACULTURE 2022?
  • Conference Brochure

Why attend this AQUACULTURE 2022?

  • Young Scientist Award recognition certificate and memento to the winners.
  • Our conferences provide best Platform for your research through oral presentations.
  • Learn about career improvement with all the latest technologies by networking.
  • Young Scientists will get appropriate and timely information by this Forum.
  • Platform for collaboration among young researchers for better development.
  • Provide a fortuity for research interaction and established senior investigators across the globe in the area.
  • Share the ideas with both eminent researchers and mentors.
  • It's a great privilege for young researchers to learn about the research areas for expanding their research knowledge.

Conference Brochure:

To download the conference Brochure, please fill the required details in the Form and click on Download Brochure. AQUACULTURE Conference 2022 Brochure can be downloaded.

Scientific Sessions

Session 1: Aquatic Ecosystem & Aqua Farming

Nature is the logical investigation of how organic entities communicate with one another and with their current circumstance. This incorporates connections between people of similar species, between various species, and among living beings and their physical and synthetic conditions. Amphibian nature remembers the investigation of these connections for every single sea-going climate, including seas, estuaries, lakes, lakes, wetlands, waterways, and streams. The limits of an amphibian environment are fairly subjective, yet for the most part encase a framework wherein inflows and outpourings can be assessed. Environment biologists concentrate how supplements, energy, and water course through a biological system.

Session 2: Sustainable Aquaculture

Aquaculture is at present playing, and will keep on playing, a major part in boosting worldwide fish creation and in satisfying rising need for fishery items. Hydroponics is projected to be the excellent wellspring of fish as request develops from the worldwide working class and wild catch fisheries approach their greatest take. Manageable hydroponics is a powerful idea and the supportability of a hydroponics framework will change with species, area, cultural standards and the condition of information and innovation.

Session 3: Aquatic Diseases & Immunity

Aquaculture is the quickest developing area of creature protein creation and now represents 47-50 percent of the world's amphibian creature food supply. Hydroponics creation assists with lessening tension on wild fisheries brought about by overfishing. Infections have arisen as a huge issue because of the great stocking densities utilized in escalated hydroponics. These sicknesses may demolish the cultivated amphibian creatures and spread to wild populaces

Session 4: Aquaculture Nutrition & Supplies

Aquaculture Nutrition gives a worldwide viewpoint on the sustenance of all developed amphibian creatures. Fish are devoured as food by numerous species, including people. It has been a significant wellspring of protein and different supplements for people all through written history. Wellbeing specialists have since a long time ago promoted the dietary advantages of fish: These ocean animals rank high on arrangements of the best wellsprings of heart-sound omega-3 unsaturated fats, excellent protein, digestion cordial selenium, energy-boosting Vitamin B12, and aggravation battling Vitamin D. Omega-3s are fundamental supplements that assist ward with offing coronary illness, diabetes, and digestion easing back irritation, and they're basically found in fish. 

Session 5: Aquaculture Genetics & Biotechnology

Genetics examinations have a lot to bring to the table fisheries directors, particularly in the arrangement of apparatuses empowering unequivocal example distinguishing proof and evaluation of stock construction. Biotechnology gives integral assets to the manageable advancement of hydroponics, fisheries, just as the food business. Expanded public interest for fish and diminishing regular marine territories have urged researchers to consider ways that biotechnology can build the creation of marine food items, and making hydroponics as a developing field of creature research. Biotechnology permits researchers to recognize and join characteristics in fish and shellfish to build efficiency and improve quality. Researchers are exploring qualities that will expand creation of characteristic fish development factors just as the normal safeguard intensifies marine creatures use to battle microbial diseases.

Session 6: Freshwater Biology

Freshwater science is the logical natural investigation of freshwater biological systems and is a part of limnology. This field looks to comprehend the connections between living creatures in their actual climate. These actual conditions may incorporate waterways, lakes, streams, or wetlands. This control is additionally generally utilized in mechanical cycles to utilize organic cycles like sewage treatment and water sanitization. Water stream is a fundamental perspective to species dissemination and impact when and where species associate in freshwater conditions. 

Session 7: Coastal and Marine Ecosystem

Wave activity hit the shoreline continually with various qualities which shape the seaside lines coming about into different land levels. The sand rises are made by air wind which blows in sea shore sand. Sedimentation in rocks, plants, creature and marine life is influenced by warm climate condition. The salt is taken from the ocean by wind and development of salt gems in the little pores in rocks prompts different stone surface. Because of the climatic change the ocean levels rise and fall.

Session 8: Aquaculture Engineering & Waste Management

Aquaculture designing is the part of agrarian designing that reviews refined oceanic species and the creation frameworks utilized in their way of life. Study, innovative work around there goes from low force man-made lake frameworks to exceptionally serious recycling hydroponics frameworks. Species refined in these frameworks range from tilapia to salmon and can likewise incorporate shellfish or kelp. Lakes make up a huge part of hydroponics creation frameworks, alongside ocean pens, and tank frameworks.

Session 9: Marine Biology and Aquatic Science

Marine Life Biology manages the little organic entities which are stay in ocean water-Bacteria, Viruses, Achaea and microbial eukaryotes. It centers in the principle around communication inside networks of microorganisms. The greater part of the microorganisms can see exclusively with the guide of a magnifying lens. Oceanic Science is the multidisciplinary investigation of amphibian environments, both freshwater and marine. Logical examinations range in scale from the sub-atomic degree of toxins to the weights on whole biological systems. A portion of the significant fields of study inside sea-going sciences include: limnology (investigation of lakes, waterways, wetlands and groundwater); biogeochemistry; amphibian nature; oceanography; sea life science; and hydrology.

Session 10: Marine Ecology and Biological Oceanography

Marine nature is the sensible type of marine life populace, environmental factors among organic entities including biotic and abiotic segments. Marine biological systems are indispensable for the general soundness of both marine and land-abiding conditions. Natural oceanography shows the impact on life forms by oceanography frameworks. This resembles sea life science. It centers around the miniature life form, biological system and influences the climate.

Session 11: Fisheries Science & Research

Fisheries science is the scholarly control of overseeing and getting fisheries. It is a multidisciplinary science, which draws on the controls of limnology, oceanography, freshwater science, sea life science, meteorology, protection, nature, populace elements, financial matters, measurements, choice investigation, the executives, and numerous others trying to give an incorporated image of fisheries at times new teaches have arisen, as on account of bioeconomics and fisheries law. Since fisheries science is a comprehensive field, fisheries researchers regularly use techniques from an expansive exhibit of scholastic orders. 

Session 12: Fish Physiology and Biochemistry

Fish physiology is the logical investigation of how the segment portions of fish work together in the living fish. It very well may be diverged from fish life structures, which is the investigation of the structure or morphology of fishes. Practically speaking, fish life systems and physiology supplement one another, the previous managing the design of a fish, its organs or segment parts and how they are assembled, for example, may be seen on the taking apart table or under the magnifying lens, and the later managing how those segments work together in the living fish.

Market Analysis

Scope and Importance

The economy of France is exceptionally evolved and unregulated economy arranged. It is the world's seventh-biggest economy by 2020 and the 10th biggest economy. As of September 30, 2020, With a GDP of US$2,575 billion at current costs in 2017, France is the world's fifth-biggest economy.

Business in France

Work in the fish area, including handling, represented 45351 positions. This addressed 15% fewer positions than in 2008. Over a similar period, the normal worth of creation per worker expanded by 75% in marine fisheries and diminished by 2% in hydroponics. In 2018, the armada comprised 6379 controlled vessels, somewhere near 13% since 2008. Limited scope vessels, those under 12 meters long, represented 86.1% of the all outnumber of vessels. The all-out net weight of the French armada in 2018 was 177126 tons, somewhere nearby 8% since 2008. Limited scope vessels represented 13.3% of the all-out net weight.

Past Conferences Report

10th International conference on Fisheries & Aquaculture

September 27-28, 2019 Park Inn by Radisson Hotel, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Fisheries 2019 Report

Conference Series LLC Ltd hosted the “10th International conference on Fisheries & Aquaculture”, during September 27-28, 2019 at Park Inn by Radisson Hotel, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with the theme, “Future of World Fisheries & Aquaculture”, which was a great success. Eminent keynote speakers from various reputed institutions and organizations addressed the gathering with their resplendent presence.

Fisheries 2019 witnessed an amalgamation of peerless speakers who enlightened the crowd with their knowledge and confabulated on various latest and exciting innovations in all areas of Fisheries research.

Fisheries 2019 Organizing Committee extends its gratitude and congratulates the Honorable Moderators of the conference, Dr. Chanique James, Mandeville Regional Hospital, Jamaica for remarkable contribution towards smooth functioning of this esteemed event


6th Global Summit on Aquaculture & Fisheries

May 25-26, 2016 Osaka, Japan

Aquaculture Summit 2016 Report

Conference Series LLC successfully hosted the 2nd Aquaculture & Fisheries during July 11-13, 2016, at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are thankful towards Organizing Committee Members, Speakers, Delegates, Sponsors, Exhibitors, Students, Collaborators, Preconference Workshop Organizers, Symposium Organizers, Media Partners, and Editorial Board Members for their continuous and outstanding support to make this conference a successful.

The conference was embarked with an opening ceremony followed by workshops and a series of lectures delivered by both Honorable Guests and members of the Keynote forum. The adepts who promulgated the theme with their exquisite talk were;

  1. Dr. Maciej Zalewski, European Regional Centre for Eco-hydrology, Poland
  2. Dr. Christopher Brown, WorldFish, Bangladesh
  3. Dr. Barbara Montwill, U S Food & Drug Administration, USA
  4. Dr. Debashish Mazumder, ANSTO, Australia
  5. Dr. S M Nurul Amin, University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia
  6. Dr. Janakiram Pasupuleti, Andhra University, India
  7. Dr. M Aminur Rahman, University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

The success of the 2nd Global Summit on Aquaculture & Fisheries conference series has given us the prospect to bring the gathering one more time, keeping this motto in mind Conference Series LLC is delighted to announce the next event.  Mark your calendars for the upcoming extravaganza, “5th Global Summit on Aquaculture & Fisheries to be held during May 25-27, 2017 at Osaka, Japan.

To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World

Conference Date October 14-15, 2022

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Speaker Opportunity

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